Welcome to the 2014 Solar Forecast! Some of the major movements that is happening in the sky above.

Stay tuned for updates!


15th Lunar Eclipse 25° Libra
15th Pluto R → 13° Cap
21st Sun moves into Taurus
29th Solar Eclipse 8° Taurus

14th Full moon 23° Scorpio
21st Sun movies into Gemini
28thNew moon 7° Gemini

8th Mercury R → 3° Cancer
10th Neptune R → 7° Pisces
13th Full moon 22° Sag
21st Sun moves into cancer
27th New moon 5° Cancer

1st Mercury → 24° Gemini
11st Mars → 22° Libra
12th Full moon 20° Capricorn
15th Mercury -> Cancer
21st Saturn → 16° Scorpio
23rd Sun moves into Leo
26th New moon 3° Leo
26th Mars -> Scorpio

10th Full moon 18° Aquarius
23rd Sun moves into Virgo
25th New moon 2° Virgo

9thFull moon 16° Pisces
24th New moon 1° Libra

8th Lunar Eclipse 15° Aries
23rd Solar Eclipse 0° Scorpio

3rd Saturn Breaks NG → 24° Scorpio
6th Full moon 14° Taurus
17th Neptune → 7° Pi
22nd New moon 0° Sag

6th Full moon 14° Gemini
9th Jupiter R → 22° Leo
22nd New moon 0° Capricorn
28th Pluto Breaks Ng → 14° Capricorn

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