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R.A is my creation, it’s my center of information. I hope to make this my life goal. Astrology is a thing of beauty. I want to share that beauty with everyone. I honestly believe that arming ourselves with self-knowledge, and awareness is power.

I discovered Astrology early in life, but I never studied it to it’s fullest till 2012. It was through a friend who I reconnected with, and who turned out to someone quite special: My Plantoic Soul Sibling. It was through our Mutual love for astrology that propelled me into new heights. So it really is because of her, that I am where I am now, and that’s a Universal Godsend: I now know what I want in life.

I love people, and I love helping them even more. I want to utilize my knowledge, and experiences to help those who are lost. The Runaways of the Universe.

I think this adventure we call life, will be quite interesting. The original origins of R.A was to get lost in it, to runaway with concepts and ideas. But now it’s changed into finding like minded individuals who want to know more, and achieve more.

So, buckle up kids. It’s going to be a wild ride.



My Chart.

My Chart.




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