Let’s Talk About Scopio

We enter the season of Frost, when water becomes stilled. It’s cooler, and intense. It’s the time of dealing with the experiences of relating, and meeting others outside of the sphere of self, and finding emotional security and stability after such events. It’s the time of the Scorpion, let’s talk about them.

Scorpio is the 8th sign of the Zodiac. It’s associated with the 8th House, ruled by Pluto and Mars, and represented by three symbols.

The 8th house, has to deal with Scorpio’s need to go deep and deal with those thing life most others do not want to face within themselves. It’s a delicate art to go to such depths. The content there is vast, and sometimes too much to consume in one go. It’s the Celestial task of the Scorpions to moderate their exposure and dredge up those hidden gems in a manner that can be expressed to the Universe with out scaring it into hiding… Because Scorpio will follow after it, and bring the darker realities to light, and in a place where they cannot be avoided.

It’s the truths of the deeper subjects that they’re after. Scorpio wants to get to the bottom of any situation, and revel in those facts. There is no time to be wasted on petty things, and half truths. Their minds are penetrating, and their awareness is intense.

This Intensity stems from being Ruled by Pluto.

Traditionally they were singly ruled by Mars, who has been bumped down to Co-Ruler. It’s through Plutonic Vibration however that Scorps are all Intense, and Mysterious. There’s vast network of hidden passages, and tunnels into the center of any Scorpion placement.

Hadean force turns Scorpion’s drive into an intense focus, and a quest for living each moment as if it were it’s last. Scorpionic undercurrents deal with the need to break taboo, and seek honest experiences, and events in life.

This Drive is fuel by Mars, and Mars bestows upon them a covert competitive edge, and a secret aggression that only they themselves deal with, unless you attempt to destroy a Scorp, and you better succeed, because vengefulness is a corner stone of their battle strat. They don’t want payback, they want to destroy any aspect that has threatened them or is a possible one down the road.

I do believe Scorps get a bad Rap for being the Jealous type, but with the combination of Plutonic and Martian juju, they put their entire force of being behind anything they undertake. So of course their reaction to something that threatens an extension of themselves is going to be a powerful one which could be perceived as jealously.

Scorpio is typically represented by the Scorpion, however it has two-three more forms it can take, each representing a different level of evolution.

The First, and Lowest is the Scorpion. Solitary, suspicious, and Manipulating. It would rather sting itself then admit to defeat.

The Second, the Eagle. It has transcended petty ego, and soars above the rest of humanity. However it remains a symbol, and unreachable by Man with out guidance.

The Highest Form is that of the Phoenix. It has risen from its own ashes, or destruction, with Hadean Wisdom and knowledge that is used to help guide and treat those who are going through their own rebirth.

Healing properties of Phoenix tears, Humility of going through mortal experience, divine wisdom shared, facing the dark, and bring light to areas with out. That is the secret to Scorpio’s Nature.


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