Let’s talk about Aries.

In astrology, Aries is represented by the Ram. It’s the first sign in the Zodiac. Ruled by Mars, and rules the 1st House of Self. Aries is a Cardinal Fire Sign. Also known as the Warrior, and Pioneer of the Zodiac, as well as the Survivor and Daredevil.

Its glyph is that of two paths: Victory, or Self Destruction.

Looking at it’s modality, it represents life force: Spring. The will to live, and bring forth all of the energy of the primal element: Fire. It represents the part of our will to face intimidation, it teaches us courage. Teaches us freedom: the way we want to live life.

How does it go about doing so? Facing our fears is the only way to achieve it, and who better then to go into battle with then Aries? Martian energy focused correctly will achieve good, and we progress. Misfired Martian energy will just cause strife, and wasted energy. It’s how and where we use Arian energy to gain courage. The weapons Arians are naturally gifted that makes them the best choice: Direct Spirit, Enthusiasm, independence, and Survival Instincts.
The reason the Glyph is a representation of two paths, is because Arian Nature is to seek Challenge, to find courage, and to grow. These “Battles” are the definition of Martian characteristics. With out them, Aries would be nothing. There are two outlets: Adventures, or Empty Battles.

Adventures are selected by the Aries to express itself in a healthy environment. A situation that allows them to overcome a challenge: Hiking, learning to ski, going to AA, ect.
Empty battles, or pointless wars are areas in which Martian energy is applied poorly. This would be argumentative behavior, picking pointless things to take action on.
One path causes the Ram to Grow, the other puts the Ram in a lonely confusing Place. Indirect self destruction caused by alienating himself from friends and loved ones.
Another meaning, is the rams obsession with Victory, how far will he push himself to attain it? Again if misplaced, it will ruin him.

Aries will always have Martian fire burning inside him, it’s just an issue if he’s going to use it properly, or let it devour him.


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